2012 Cinematography Demo Reel

Click on the link at the bottom to view my 2012 Cinematography Demo Reel.

It’s that time again. Time for a new demo reel.

Creating a new reel for yourself is something I’ve always found a little daunting. First there is the task of just tracking down all of your projects that you’ve shot over the last year. That can be difficult in itself. Sometimes the projects you’ve worked on aren’t finished or maybe it’s simply hard to get in touch with people.

Once you get the footage then you have to sift through it and actually decide what will make it into your demo reel. Some of the shots are a no-brainer. Those aren’t the ones I’m concerned with. It’s the ones that you watch over and over and start to wonder if they are any good at all or have any business being in your reel in the first place. It’s very easy to become “too close” to the material and stop seeing the forrest for the trees as they say.

When I finally get a cut of my reel done I like to show it to a few people to get some feedback. This part of the process is where things really get a little tricky… because EVERYONE tends to have a different opinion. So which one is right? Well, that’s where you really have to rely on your instincts. If you show it to enough people and enough people comment on something then I usually start to listen.

The most terrifying part of he process however, which conversely is the most beneficial… is simply confronting the reality of your own work. There it is. That’s your work. There is no way around it. The quality of your own work is there for the entire world to see and you can’t talk your way out of it. It is what it is.

The important thing is to learn from it. Take a moment to pat yourself on the back. You’ve accomplished something. Then start to ask yourself “What can I improve upon and how can I improve upon it?” What’s missing? What are more experienced colleagues in my field doing that I’m not?

The whole process is a great leveler and can be a great teacher if you let it be. Hopefully, the process of creating a new reel can actually be the catalyst to growing as an artist and doing what it’s actually for in the first place… getting more work.

Here is my 2012 Cinematography Demo Reel.


~ by Michael Lang on May 23, 2012.

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