Award winning DP Brian Watt gets “LUCID” with Death Grip.

In 2011 Death Grip Electric awarded Brian Watt with a prize package for his outstanding cinematography on the Omaha Film Festival short “Proposals”.  Brian won Death Grip merchandise, a plaque commemorating his win as well as up to three days of free grip and lighting rental worth over $1200.00.

For someone who wins cinematography awards you might think they had a film student background.  Quite the opposite. Brian is currently enrolled at UNL where he is less than a year away from obtaining a Master’s degree in – wait for it – Bio Medical engineering. This is where the story truly get’s interesting. Brian is also an accomplished Still Photographer. Not only is he nationally published but he also holds a Professional Photographer of America’s Certification as well as the degree of Master Photographer. So it’s safe to say that Brian knows how to take beautiful pictures.

So much so that when Josh Land, a film student in UNL’s Johnny Carson School of Theater and Film needed someone with a keen eye to lens his Thesis Film… He called on Brian Watt. That’s when Brian decided to cash in his film festival award chips and contact Death Grip Electric for three free days of grip and lighting equipment. What Brian and crew didn’t realize is that a RED Epic was also in the films future…

DP Brian Watt oversees the filming on "LUCID"

Kyle Wullschleger, an Omaha based First AC and Steadicam Operator got wind that some UNL film students were in need of some help on a Thesis Film and decided to donate his RED Epic, accessories and time to the project. Ben Drickey who owns Omaha based production company Torchwerks also donated his entire set of RED Primes to the shoot. Rhett McClure of Lincoln also loaned a RED zoom to the project. Armed with the new 5K Epic and the newest in Arri and Kino Flo lighting, Brian and Josh set off to make a fantastic short film.

A 5K frame grab from "LUCID"

Death Grip Electric was proud to be able to help Brian Watt and his fellow students at UNL with “LUCID”. We are also excited to once again sponsor the Omaha Film Festival in 2012 and recognize someone for outstanding cinematography in a Nebraska short.

Please call Death Grip Electric if you have any questions about the “Death Grip Electric Award for Killer Cinematography” or if you would like to rent or demo any of our grip and lighting equipment. Death Grip has the newest and best maintained lighting rental equipment in the Midwest.

Things go horribly wrong in Director Josh Land's thesis film "LUCID"

~ by Michael Lang on January 12, 2012.

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